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The period of greatest gain in knowledge and experience is the most difficult period in an individual’s life. In ancient India Gurukul system prevailed to take lessons of life practically in the guidance of Guru. Disciples used to reside with Gurus in ashram and spent their prominent growing period of life in the Gurukul with strong moral values, ethics and co-operation. Basics of human life and “art of living was taught by Gurus with equality and disciplined natural environment. Gurukul system thrived on virtual bonding between Guru and shishya, which was way beyond the normal student teacher relationship. Students after completing their studies with the permission of Gurus leave Gurukul to face the world with their own vision, perceptions and courage. In the modern India Gurudev Ravindranath Tagore started school at Shantiniketan  modelled  on the lines of ancient gurukul system. Taking forward the same legacy of Gurukul system, with broader and unique vision, Anand Vishwa Gurukul & Jr. College came into existence.

In the era of science and technology the basic value based education is diminishing gradually and attributes of an individual like morals, ethics, respect, patience, honesty have become bookish words. There is a dire need of enthusiastic, energetic youth to think differently and attributes like affection, passion, patriotism should be inculcated in them. Anand Vishwa Gurukul is an institution which has it’s ideology structured for holistic development of the student. Respect, responsibility, strong work ethics and moral human values are the pillars of institution. Education is the knowledge of how to use the whole of oneself. Education fails if the school spectrum does not ultimately lead to the preparation for living, understanding and preparation for participation in problems involved in the making of a better world.

Our visionary and highly supportive management encourages staff and students by providing all modern  amenities for perfect learning. Every class is equipped with digital boards and softwares according to their particular class needs. Huge library and auditorium gives ample scope and opportunities for students, to bring out their talent and learning abilities. Extracurricular activities like music (vocal & instrumental), dance (folk, western, classical), art and craft are for training students to enhance their personality and applying creativity, which helps them for their motor skill development. Keeping cognitive development as the major objective, school provides abacus, chess activities for enhancing correct reasoning, concept formation and problem solving ability.

School has separate laboratories (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, I.T. and Computer Science) for nurturing young one’s scientific faculty of mind and learning by practical approach. Physical development is one of the prominent objectives and to cater to the need of physical health, many sports activities like Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Karate and Athletics are carried out in school. School also had introduced Army training for the students to learn the importance of discipline and determination. Canteen facility is available which serves nutritional, balance diet food to satisfy little one’s taste buds. We have full time counsellor to take care of emotional health of children and to help parents and teachers. Junior college, which has Science, Commerce and Arts streams with bifocal subjects like Computer science (science stream), Banking and Office management (Commerce Stream), affiliated with Maharashtra  State Higher Secondary Board. School and college students have won Gold medals on district and state levels for Taekwondo, Kick Boxing, Karate, Archery, Swimming, Ashtedo, Gymnastic, Shikai Martial Art & Fencing.  A student of FYJC won Bronze Medal at National Level in Kick Boxing Championship 2018-19.

With the increasing strength of the students, we encourage involvement of all parents in the developing academic culture. It is well known that “Great people are ordinary people with extra ordinary determination.” Students should focus on their dreams even though the going may be tough. We have a dream of making our gurukul a place, where every student can achieve high self esteem, self respect, great pride and extensive experience of formative years of life in positive environment. We pledge to create a conducive environment, provide resources and focused leadership for children to achieve their dreams.

To enrich the students with endowment of knowledge for strong socio – economic progression
To be an educational grooming center to meet global challenges. Aim
Maximum development of the innate or natural abilities and powers of individuals

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